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Go beyond only using ads and social media

Break free of dependence on ad spend and social media limitations by building organic e-mail lists, automatically. Save over 90% with a Lifetime Founder Plan. Standard monthly pricing starts May 4th.

Intelligent, Organic Email List Building

Enable AI to Build Email Lists

Take advantage of AI to organically build email lists for campaigns or for your client projects, automatically

Fully-Unlocked Data Exports

Built-in integrations allow full email list data exports to popular providers without any limitations or hidden fees

Redunant Backups

Ensure reliability of your email lists with the confidence of our 24/7 redundant backups powered by our integration with DigitalOcean® Cloud

Grow & Send Lists to Clients

Become the backbone of your clients' organic email list building campaigns by empowering them with effortless, nutured automatic email list building

Get Fully Integrated

Utilize our integrations with major providers and automation services to empower your email list exports

Trusted Global Performance

Benefit from our proven technology utilized in thousands of campaigns across the US, Canada and Australia

24/7 Support + Community

Tap our AI-Powered knowledgebase,  and get support from a US-based Success Team, providing you the best of both worlds for ongoing support

Secure List Storage

Top-notch security hardening techniques include end-to-end encryption, bot protection, and reliability of DigitalOcean® Cloud

Limited Time Founder Plans.

Our platform has been utilized by private companies for over a decade across thousands of campaigns and millions of emails.

Public launch with standard monthly and annual pricing begins on May 4th, after which Founder Plans will no longer be available.

Standard Plan Monthly


One Year Term
Paid Monthly
Unlimited Email Lists
10 Active Client Projects
Founder Plan Lifetime


Lifetime Access
No Renewal Cost
Unlimited Email Lists
200 Active Client Projects
Founder Plan 1 Year


One Year Term
Renews at $397
Unlimited Email Lists
100 Active Client Projects
Upto 15GB
Upto 25GB
Expandable RAM
Fixed memory-16GB
Upto 300GB
Upto 1TB
Memory Cache
512 MB
No.of Visits
SSL Certificate
1 Month Free
Free for 2 Domains
Available for all websites
Priority Support
24/7 support and live chat

We believe in empowering our clients to take ownership over their prospects by building organic lists.

Take advantage of the technology + team behind lists built with millions of emails over the last decade for thousands of campaigns.

"We've utilized the technology behind AutoListBuilding for years to build our organic email lists to achieve incredible ROI for our clients' campaigns."

- Joseph Bianco, Client Management Director at Campaigner

How does AutoListBuilding work?

The platform utilizes AI-powered technology to help create landing pages and build organic email lists. Custom-tailored to your niche, automatically collecting double-opt-in emails that are securely stored in our integrated database. You can then connect with partner Email Service Providers (ESPs) to send targeted campaigns to your list or your clients.

Can I use my own domain or subdomain?

Absolutely! You can use your own domain or subdomain. You'll need to register your domain separately, as domain registration is not included in our service. Once you've registered your domain, you can easily connect it to your custom-built landing pages via your domain registrar.

What about design and content?

AutoListBuilding takes care of all of the heavy lifting and will organically build relevant content and automatically build the email list with no input or interaction from you or your clients.

This unique process of building email lists automatically is completely different compared to most solutions you may be accustomed to. It is meant to be a "set it and forget it" and let each seed slowly grow into valuable organic email lists.

Is there ongoing customer support available?

Yes, we have a dedicated, US-based customer success team available to help with any inquiries, troubleshooting, or feature requests. Our support channels include quick access for handling customer support requests, emails, and live chat.

Plus, all clients have access to our Private Community.

What Email Service Providers (ESPs) are available?

AutoListBuilding is designed to work seamlessly with the majority of popular ESPs. You can integrate your email list with these providers using APIs within your dashboard or via direct export, anytime, making it easy to send targeted campaigns to your subscribers or to send to your clients.

What are the benefits of becoming a Founder?

As a Founder, you'll get exclusive access to our Lifetime service subscriptions at a massively discounted rate during the Pre-Launch phase.

One of the most crucial aspects of AutoListBuilding is the exclusive access to our team and Private Community, designed to enhance and catapult your email list building success. As a Founder Plan member, you'll join a dedicated section within our community, where you can actively contribute to shaping future benefits and features while receiving expert guidance + support for you and your clients.

Start building your organic email lists, automatically.

Take advantage of over 90% off by securing an exclusive Founder Plan.


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